Parish Committees:

Resources (Staffing and Strategy): Chairman - Cllr Jay Tindale, Cllr Janice Holmes, Cllr Craig Chivers, and Cllr John Hunt.

Human Resources Advisory: Cllr Craig Chivers and Cllr Crawford.

Churchyard, Cemeteries and Open Spaces (CCOS): Chairman - Cllr Bill Blowfield, Cllr John Hunt, Cllr Smith and Cllr Paul Vellam.

Highways Advisory Group: Chairman Cllr Paul Vellam, Cllr John Hunt, Cllr Craig Chivers, Cllr Sally Wilkes and Cllr Crawford.

Natural Spratton (incorporating Spratton Pocket Park & Jubilee Wood): Chairman - Cllr John Hunt, Cllr Janice Holmes, Cllr Crawford and David Cooke (co-opted)

Planning: Chairman - Cllr Sally Wilkes, Vice-Chairs Cllr Crawford and Cllr Smith, Cllr Paul Vellam, Cllr Craig Chivers, Cllr Tindale, Cllr Holmes, Cllr Blowfield, and Cllr John Hunt.

Street Lighting: Cllr Paul Vellam, Cllr John Hunt and David Cooke (co-opted)

Footpath Warden: Cllr John Hunt

Snow Warden: Barry Ward